Our approach to varicose vein treatments
Our treatment philosophy is simple: we aim to provide safe, effective varicose vein solutions that make a positive contribution to your quality of life. By reducing the impact of varicose veins, we can help restore your confidence and mobility, and reduce the pain and discomfort of this unsightly condition.

Before we embark on any course of treatment, we’ll conduct a thorough clinical examination, including asking you questions about your lifestyle and your hopes for the treatment. In this way, we can design an approach that meets your unique needs.

A modern approach

All Vein Doctor treatments are based on the latest, clinically proven technology. Our goal at every stage is to conduct treatments that are both effective and minimally disruptive. We offer in-room treatments that can be more easily accommodated in your busy schedule, and are carried out by a qualified surgeon for your peace of mind.

While traditional ‘vein stripping’ treatments could be painful, and require a longer rehabilitation process, our advanced treatment options are minimally invasive.

What is EVRF?

EVRF stands for Endovenous Radio Frequency Ablation, and it’s the main varicose vein treatment we provide here at Vein Doctor. It’s a big name for what is in fact a relatively simple – and minimally invasive – procedure that is carried out under local anaesthetic.

EVRF consists of a few steps:

  1. Local anaesthetic is placed around the vein to be treated (using a thin needle)
  2. A fine catheter is then passed up the vein
  3. Heat is applied to a segment of the vein at a time
  4. This causes the vein to ‘ablate’ or close off
  5. It then gradually converts to scar tissue which can be re-absorbed by your body

You can watch a video of this procedure here (Please note that this video is age-restricted and parental discretion is advised before allowing children to view it).

The EVRF procedure

This procedure involves taking a mild sedative, so you will need to ask someone else to drive you home afterwards. The procedure takes around 60 – 90 minutes, including a preliminary ultrasound reassessment. You will need to arrive 20 minutes in advance of your treatment to take the sedative tablet.

After your EVRF procedure

  • After 12 hours: you can drive if you feel able to
  • After 72 hours: you can remove the dressing
  • For 7 days: shower rather than bath, and no swimming
  • After 1 week: you can resume your usual exercise routine (prior to this, limit yourself to 30 minutes of walking per day)
  • After 2 – 3 weeks: the normal bruising, soreness and tightness should have gone
  • After 8 weeks: you’ll have a follow-up appointment at our rooms

Vein Doctor and COVID-19

At Vein Doctor, your health and welfare are always our top priority – so we continue to follow all COVID-19 protocols and we will respectfully ask you to do the same. This includes requiring you to wear a mask, sanitise your hands, and have your temperature checked on arrival.

If you have a procedure booked at our rooms, and prior to this, you believe you may have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, you experience COVID-19 symptoms or return a positive test for the virus, we will have to postpone your procedure for at least 14 days.

If you have varicose veins and want to explore your treatment options in a confidential consultation, contact Dr Francois Steyn on 012 993 4161 or 012 993 0911, or at francois@surgeon.co.za for a preliminary conversation about your choices.